Why Mega Mulchers?

Mega Mulchers clears your land and transforms the vegetation that once existed there into a valuable asset. At Mega Mulchers, our tree clearing, brush clearing and land clearing services are the perfect solution to all your mulching services needs.

Clearing Australia The Right Way

  • Our mulching services are the perfect way to clear trees or brush with minimal environmental impact, providing a protective layer of mulch that helps retain moisture, minimise erosion and stunt the growth of weeds that can harm your land.
  • Our approach to mulching will leave your soil enriched with nutrient-packed shredded forestation that mimics the same organic tree leaf mulch found naturally in bush land.

High Tech Gear – No Job Too Big

With our high tech machinery we’re able to take on any tree clearing or brush clearing project without hesitation, which is why mulch services from Mega Mulchers is highly sought after. Not only is our machinery extremely efficient in clearing your land, it’s also safer for our tree clearing, brush clearing and land clearing experts to operate, ensuring that your mulching services project is completed on-time and with the utmost safe

Experienced Team

At Mega Mulchers we have the experience and know-how to provide the right solution to all your tree clearing, brush clearing, land clearing or landscaping problem. As leaders in our field, our clearing options are the best way to turn unusable land into fertile, nutrient-rich, cleared land, which is why mulch services are essential to your property.

The Complete Service

At Mega Mulchers, we cover all your needs including:

  • Pipeline Right of Ways (ROWs)
  • Gas Lines and Hydro Lines
  • Line Cutting
  • Land Reclamations
  • Lease Sites
  • Mining

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