Why Mulch?

There are many reasons why mulch is a great solution to many of your gardening or landscaping requirements. Mulch provides a protective cover for reducing erosion and retaining moisture. Mulch not only will prevent the growth from weeds but also any seed germination. These are just some of the indications why mulch is an ideal choice as a resource to use on your land. Mega Mulchers is an advocate for using mulch, as mulch is not only environmentally friendly but also cost efficient.

Mulching itself is an environmentally friendly way to clear land and manage vegetation refuse. Brush and trees can be shredded down to ground level, which is useful in right of way clearance, development preparation, fire and fuel break maintenance and water maintenance. It is a fast line cutting solution for clearing pipelines and seismic lines. It is a safe and efficient solution for stabilizing and clearing highways and roads.

Municipalities readily use mulching to widen ROW and improve intersection line of site. The agricultural sector uses mulching for clearing brush and trees along fence lines, pasture and range restoration, clearing crop land, yard site clean-up, re-growth and shelterbelt enhancement. The forestry sector uses mulching to enhance habitats, prevent forest fires and re-seed areas.

For rejuvenation purposes, we’ll shred the tree line and leave it as stumps. This makes for extremely hearty, tenacious re-growth that is much bushier and much more resilient.



There are several benefits to mulching!

  • Improves underlying soil and ensures controlled growth
  • Produces a consistent finished product by leaving the soil surface enriched with shredded and composite material
  • Clears the land without destruction
  • Increases land value
  • Ensures low impact
  • Reduces fire hazard
  • Facilitates controlled habitat protection
  • Allows for a safe, cost effective solution to clearing land
  • Contains spread of disease
  • Leaves versatile textures (you choose, coarse or fine)
  • Mulching is environmentally sensitive. It is documented that mulching respects the forest environment due to:
  • Excellent results in fragile land applications
  • Smooth surface results
  • Low ground pressure
  • Versatility
  • The ability to leave select trees unharmed